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SarahsRideSarah’s Long Ride: Sarah and her mother loved riding in long-distance cross country horse races together. They signed up for the 100-mile Bandicoot Ride before her mom died in a car accident. Sarah keeps her horse in shape, but she hasn’t much hope Uncle Joe will sponsor her and enter the ride with her. She misses her mom and her friends, taking consolation in her riding. But her dream, even more important than endurance riding, is one where her bachelor uncle loves her and decides he can handle being a 14-year-old girl’s guardian on a permanent basis.

This book was a finalist in the 2008 Book of the Year Contest, sponsored by American Christian Fiction Writers.

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FeatherFeather: Feather is captured by the fierce, wandering Blen tribe and taken far from her own people, the Wobans. Forced to work for her new masters, she finds a friend in Tag, a boy snatched from another tribe. Together they plan to escape. Feather is treated better after the Blens discover she can make fine arrows, but soon she learns her arrows may be used against her own people. Tag faces a rigorous test and snares a panther kitten. The Blens roam close to Feather’s homeland again. Can she and Tag escape and warn the peaceful Wobans before the Blens attack their village?

This book placed 3rd in the General Fiction category of ACFW’s 2007 Book of the Year contest.

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