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Maine Justice Series

An exciting, multi-book romantic suspense series set in Portland, Maine. Clean, hard-hitting mysteries with a strong faith thread and plenty of romance.

A detective suffering from battle fatigue and his dashing young French-Canadian partner serve up Maine justice together.

Book 1: The Priority Unit–It’s Available NOW!
Police detective Harvey Larson and a beautiful young software designer, Jennifer Wainthrop, are determined to find out what happened to Jennifer’s missing coworker. After the on-duty death of his partner and ultimate rejection from his ex-wife, is Harvey ready to start a new phase of his life? Despite the bullets and bombs that follow Harvey around, can Jennifer learn to trust him enough to be part of it?

Book 2: Fort Point–Available Now!
One of Maine’s most famous authors is murdered the night after his class reunion. The body count rises when a classmate apparently drowns the same day. Harvey and his partner, Eddie Thibodeau, must solve the crimes and more they uncover in their investigation. Meanwhile, Jennifer plans the wedding but manages to hand the detectives some important clues, and the Priority Unit learns the police chief has had a tragic accident. You’ll want to be on hand when Eddie takes a ducking in the bay and Harvey confronts a senator. Jennifer cannot believe who has invited themselves to the wedding! Join the fun and sleuthing, serving up Maine Justice!

Book 3: Found Art–Available Now!
Harvey and Jennifer become fine art aficionados to help solve Harvey’s case concerning a ring of art thieves. The Larsons settle into their idyllic life as newlyweds, but things take a terrifying turn when they dig too deep. Meanwhile, Jennifer’s sister Abby comes to stay, and Harvey finds himself sorting out her suitors. Should he lift his ban on Eddie when it comes to dating his sisters-in-law? Does it count if the date is an undercover assignment? Worst of all, can Harvey put aside his longing for vengeance when Jennifer’s old boyfriend crosses his radar?

This fast-paced series from Tea Tin Press will continue!

Coming Next–Heartbreaker Hero: Eddie’s Story

Do you love Eddie Thibodeau? So do half the women in Portland! A dead man is found in Chief Mike Browning’s back yard in a snowstorm, but he didn’t freeze to death. It’s up to the Priority Unit to find out what brought him there and protect the chief. Meanwhile, Eddie is in love. Unfortunately, he suffers repercussions from his wild past. After he rescues a toddler, an old girlfriend starts tabulating how many women have cried over him. Can the dashing detective focus on the case at hand? Meanwhile, his new partner Tony gives him some headaches, and his family drives him nuts. C’est la vie! Find out what happens when Eddie goes viral.

Launch date: July 1, 2017

From Tea Tin Press


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