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MailOrderBrides_lgChristmas Mail-Order Brides

Four stories of romance in the 1880s, as young ladies join Mrs. Mayberry’s Matrimonial Society for Christians of Good Moral Character. Annika arrives in Wyoming to discover her intended is missing. Jolie’s journey to Nevada is derailed by disaster. Elizabeth carries a load of secrets to Nebraska. And Amelia travels to California to wrap up her final attempts at matchmaking. Will the holiday season be the ticket to spark love in unexpected ways?

Stories by Vickie McDonough, Therese Stenzel, Carrie Turanksy, and Susan Page Davis. Available Now from Barbour Publishing

*This book was named one of the five best Collections of the Years in Family Fiction Magazine’s 2011 Readers Choice Awards.


“Just in time for the Holiday season, Barbour’s collection of Christmas novellas made an enchanting romantic escape. Three mail-order brides head west to seek new lives and hope for love as they meet their matches through Mrs. Mayberry’s Matrimonial Society for Christians of Moral Character. As a delightful conclusion, the fourth novella involves Mrs. Mayberry herself. I had the pleasure of reading my first Susan Page Davis story, and from the first lines, Mrs. Amelia Mayberry won me over. It takes a writer of refinement and grace to depict a character with those attributes, and Amelia was all of that and full of warm genuineness, too. Facing retirement from her matchmaking business, Amelia has one last loose string to tie–her late husband’s best friend Lennox Bailey. She had failed in her prior attempt to find Lennox a suitable wife, but with God’s help, she is determined to succeed this time. Will the matchmaker find the love she has sown out to so many other happy couples? These engaging stories are sure to brighten many Christmas seasons with hope, love and a happily ever after.” ~Kathleen L. Maher, posted Oct. 21, 2010 on Amazon.com and other online sites.

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Anthologies & Their Standalone Titles

White Mtn Brides cover

White Mountain Brides Three complete novels: Return to Love, A New Joy, and Abiding Peace, repackaged in one volume.



Each novel available separately below.



Return to Love coverReturn to Love, Book 1 of White Mountain Brides, set in 1689: Richard Dudley will never forget the night Indians raided the small village of Cochecho, New Hampshire. In the five years since the raid, rarely a day has gone by that he has not missed his brother and mourned the fate of his missing sweetheart. But when a redemption party returns from Canada with Sarah in tow, he finds more changes than he ever imagined. Sarah Minton, weary and heartsore, enters the village with trepidation. Years of not knowing the fate of family and friends only intensifies her grief as she learns the truth. But surely, if Richard is still alive, life will be bearable. After all, the memory of his affection made captivity bearable. Will Sarah’s fear and the deep changes within her keep her from learning to love? Can Richard overcome bitterness and prejudice to claim his bride?

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NewJoyA New Joy, Book 2 of White Mountain Brides: Orphaned at a young age, Jane was indentured as a housemaid. During an Indian raid, she was captured, carried off to Canada, and sold. Then her arranged marriage ended with the death of her abusive husband. When she is at last ransomed, she returns to Cochecho with little hope left. Charles Gardner hadn’t expected to find a wife. He, too, endured captivity and is just beginning to rebuild his life. But he cannot keep himself from thinking of Jane Miller. A stilted courtship, a distant marriage, hostile Indians. Will life repeat itself for Jane, or does God have joy in store for those who remain faithful to Him?

**This book made the top-10 list of Heartsong readers’ favorite historical of the year for 2008.


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AbidingPeace_lgAbiding Peace, Book 3 of White Mountain Brides: Since her redemption from captivity in Canada, Christine has led a quiet, unassuming life. She’s content to care tirelessly from Pastor Samuel Jewett’s motherless family. But life is about to take an unexpected turn.One night, coming back from drawing water at the river, Christine discovers a man snooping about the cottage she shares with a widow. At knifepoint, he swears her to secrecy and demands that she supply him with food and other necessities. To save the pastor’s children from harm, Christine complies with his demands, even finding herself stealing from her friends. When murder finds its way to Cochecho, however, she can no longer be silent. Her confession puts a strain on the tentative but growing relationship between her and the preacher. Did the man she helped commit murder…and will their love survive?

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Maine Brides: One-volume repackaging of three novels, the award-winning The Prisoner’s Wife along with The Castaway’s Bride, and the award-winning The Lumberjack’s Lady.



Three complete novels set at different times in Maine’s history.



All the individual books are now available as ebooks.
View each individual title below.


prisonerswifeThe Prisoner’s Wife, Book 1 of Maine Brides, set in 1720: Jack Hunter is about to be hanged for the murder of his neighbor. Jack knows he’s innocent, and the unscrupulous constables will seize his land when he’s dead. He asks Lucy Hamblin, the only girl he ever loved, to marry him in the jail. Her father broke them up three years ago, but now her father is dead. Will Lucy be willing to grant his last request and become the widow Hunter?

This book won the short historical category of both the Inspirational Readers’ Choice Contest and ACFprisoners-wife-high-resolution-002W’s Book of the Year Contest for 2007. It was favorite historical of the year among Heartsong readers for 2006.

On the Favorite PASTimes blog, reviewer Michelle Hutchinson says of this book: “I loved it! It’s one of the most romantic tales put out by Heartsong that I’ve ever read. It will take your breath away, I promise!”

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castaway's bride cover


The Castaway’s Bride, Book 2, Maine Brides, set in 1820: Edward Hunter has been shipwrecked and marooned on a desert island for four years. He finally returns home and finds changes everywhere. His native Maine is now a state. His beloved father is dead, and Edward now owns the shipping company. And his fiancée, Abigail, Bowman, believing him dead, has promised to marry his cousin. Abigail’s younger sister, Deborah, acts as a mediator between Edward and Abigail, but he soon begins to wonder if attempting to win Abigail back is a mistake. Perhaps God has another plan for him and the loyal, understanding Deborah.

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The LumLumberjacksLadyberjack’s Lady, Book 3, Maine Brides, set in 1895: Letitia Hunter works as a clerk at her father’s lumber company, but her place in society is well established. When an intriguing French lumberjack comes to work in the office alongside her, Letitia knows she cannot allow the feelings he stirs within her. Her father would never consider him an eligible suitor. From the moment Etienne rescued the boss’s lovely daughter from drowning in a frozen lake, he has not been able to put her out of his mind. Working with her only complicates things. Yet his feelings for her are so strong … Can he overcome prejudice and prove his worth both as an employee and a man?

This book was second favorite historical of the year among Heartsong readers for 2007 and won the 2008 Inspirational Readers Choice Contest, short historical category.


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Wyoming BridesWyomingBrides_sm

One-volume repackaging of the three novels Protecting Amy, The Oregon Escort, and Wyoming Hoofbeats.


All the individual books are now available as ebooks. Read about each title below.



Protectprotectingamying Amy: Frontier scout Tom Barkley and two cavalry troopers are assigned to escort the major’s beautiful daughter safely from Fort Bridger to Fort Laramie. Set in Wyoming, 1858.

Book 1 of Wyoming Brides.

This book was named second favorite historical of the year among Heartsong readers for 2004.

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The Oregon Escort: Cavalry corporal Mike Brown is detailed with 40 other troopers to escort a wagon train from Fort Laramie to Oregon City , but he finds himself standing off a Sioux war party alone with lovely school teacher Lydia Jackson. Set in Wyoming , 1860.

Book 2 of Wyoming Brides.

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Wyoming Hoofbeatswyominghoofbeats: The Sioux Indians captured Rachel Haynes two years ago, then traded her to the peaceful Arapaho tribe. Rachel hasn’t seen another white man for ages, so when the Berkleys show up to trade, she longs to rejoin her people. But will the young warrior she has been promised to see reason in giving her to white man? Matthew Berkley knows the Lord has something planned for his future. After meeting Rachel, he begins to wonder if the Lord wants him to settle down. Will being robbed and attacked cause his devotion to waver? Will Rachel see that she belongs to the Berkley family? Can Rachel and Matthew trust the Lord to preserve their love through the trials that lie ahead? Set in Wyoming.

Book 3 of Wyoming Brides.

This book was a finalist in the 2007 More Than Magic Contest, inspirational category.

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VABrides_lg Virginia Brides: Weaving a legacy of family history in the Shenandoah Valley starts with Cathy Marie Hake’s novel, Spoke of Love, when Garnet Wheelock comes to America in 1750 and has her indenture bought by widower Samuel Walsh. In Vickie McDonough’s novel, Spinning out of Control, Micah Walsh returns to his family from a trapping trip in 1803 to find his wife dead and a stranger, Amy Rogers, taking care of his newborn daughter. In Susan Page Davis’s novel, Weaving a Future, Sadie McEwan has fallen for horse trader Harry Cooper in 1848, but she hides a harmful secret. When love starts to grow, will life’s complications be too much to overcome? Can God bring good out of lives that seem to be spinning out of control?




weavingfutureWeaving a Future: Sadie McEwan is falling in love with the man who contracted to buy horses from her deceased father. Harry Cooper thinks Sadie’s father is upstairs in his bedroom on the Virginia farm, recovering from a heart spell. What will happen if Harry discovers that her father is dead? Sadie didn’t intentionally deceive him, but she’s afraid that if Harry or anyone else learns the truth, she’ll lose her home. When a couple of drifters returning from the Mexican War decide to ransack the McEwans’ home, Sadie and her hired help need Harry’s assistance to save the farm and their lives.

This book also appeared in the paperback collection Virginia Brides.




Snowbound_lgSnowbound Colorado Christmas: Four stories of romance set against the great blizzard of 1913 in Denver, Colorado. In Tamela Hancock Murray’s opening novella, Fires of Love, a house party in the midst of the storm brings together hostess Thalia and the man she loved long ago. In Lena Nelson Dooley’s The Best Medicine, the snowfall brings love to guest Rose and a dashing physician. In Susan Page Davis’s Almost Home, Patricia leaves the party and sets out on horseback with her old friend Jared, but they soon regret leaving the safety of town and plunging into the snow. In Darlene Franklin’s Dressed in Scarlet, wealthy Natalie nearly runs down a man in the storm. She takes refuge at the famous Brown Hotel, where she finds love. Curl up with this cozy collection of historical romance.

Also see the “Almost Home” e-book description and cover on the Historicals–2012 tab.