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The Ladies’ Shooting Club Series


The Bride’s Prerogative — Omnibus edition of the 3 Ladies’ Shooting Club books
From Barbour Publishing: Three complete novels originally published individually as “The Ladies’ Shooting Club” series. Repackaged in one big volume called The Bride’s Prerogative.

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The Sheriff’s Surrender, Book 1 of The Ladies’ Shooting Club

SheriffsSurrendercoverA murder in Fergus, Idaho, has the town’s women scared. But the men don’t seem able to stop the rash of thefts, assaults, and vandalism that follow. Half a dozen women band together to arm themselves against trouble. The gunsmith’s plain sister, the emporium’s owner, a couple of rancher’s wives and saloon girls take their shooting lessons seriously. The men are skeptical at first and slightly amused. The new minister’s wife shocks the town by joining the club, and other women follow her lead. When they show no sign of letting up on their drill, the men beg the sheriff to disband the club and put their women back where they belong. Those are fighting words to the ladies. Domestic rebellion threatens until a new murder grabs everyone’s attention. Will the sheriff and his men find the killer and put him away? Or will that honor belong to the Ladies’ Shooting Club?

* This book was a top pick in inspirational fiction in Romantic Times Book Reviews.


“This book has it all – mystery and suspense, romance, cowboys and horses. WOW!” ~ Stacey Dale, reviewer on Word Up

“Talk about a promising new series! Susan Page Davis has a great start here with the Ladies’ Shooting Club series, and Sheriff’s Surrender has only whet my appetite for what is yet to come in these books.” ~ Janna on Cornhusker Academy Blog

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E-books for this series returning soon!

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The Gunsmith’s Gallantry, Book 2 of The Ladies’ Shooting Club

Hiram Gunsmith'sGallantryDooley’s sister Gert is getting married — if Sheriff Ethan Chapman would ever propose. Ethan’s sister-in-law thinks Hiram should marry her, since Libby Adams is blind to his regard. But a man claiming to be schoolmarm Isabel Fennel’s uncle came to town and then disappeared. And at Bitsy Shepard’s saloon, a stranger claims to be heir to a mining claim. Can the sheriff and Hiram, along with Libby and the Ladies’ Shooting Club, discover what’s behind it all?


“The Gunsmith’s Gallantry is that it is a wonderful western,mystery, romance with so much fun, suspense, and spunk, you’ll be buying the next book within minutes!“–Reviewer Nicole Olsen, posted on Amazon.

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The Blacksmith’s Bravery, Book 3 of The Ladies’ Shooting Club

Ride shotguBlacksmithsBravery_lgn alongside Vashti Edwards, saloon girl turned stagecoach driver, as she tries to redefine her life into a brave Christian citizen. Watch as Griffin Bane, local blacksmith and stagecoach manager, wrestles with his attraction to her. He questions his decision to allow her this work as the dangers on the trail increase. When a gang of outlaws target the stagecoach line, the Ladies Shooting Club goes into action again to protect their friends. Will they succeed in saving the stagecoach line and Vashti and Griffin, so they can build a future together?


“The third book in the Ladies Shooting Club series is full of adventure, romance and even a few bad guys thrown in for good measure! The talented Davis has given readers a true treasure with characters who have wit, grit and charm. The characters struggle with their faith as everyone does at one time or another, and they learn valuable lessons that keep them going day after day. Don’t miss the latest installment of this wonderful series.”~ Patsy Glans, in Romantic Times Book Reviews, December, 2010 issue

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Stand-alone Historicals

LFY_PEI_lg Love Finds You in Prince Edward Island In 1860, the Prince of Wales is visiting Canada and the United States, on a goodwill tour. How much havoc can his journey inflict on quiet Prince Edward Island? Molly Orland’s family needs money, and she hires on as a parlor maid at the governor’s mansion, to help prepare for the prince and his entourage. Peter Stark is sent a few days in advance of the royal party, to check on the arrangements. Can a maid and a gentleman fall in love? Or perhaps they’re not really so far apart in station. Molly’s grandfather is determined to confront one of the aristocratic visitors about an incident in the past, but Peter’s not sure that’s a good idea. And how can he care so much about the beautiful farm girl, when he’ll only be on the island a few days?  “A story you won’t be able to put down.”—reviewer Jane Squires, Celebrity Café “Susan Page Davis has written a beautifully descriptive love story…from the beautiful red cliffs and farmland of Prince Edward Island, to its realistic characters, I was captivated ’til the very end!”—reviewer Diana Flowers

*This book was a selection of Crossings Book Club and is available in hardcover.

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CrimsonCipher_lgThe Crimson Cipher

Emma Shuster’s father is murdered, leaving his secret encryption project unfinished. Since she worked with him, the navy offers her the position they’d hoped her father would fill—breaking ciphers. It’s 1915, and saboteurs are doing their best to keep America out of the Great War by bombing ships and factories and fomenting unrest among workers. Can Emma discover their plans and unmask their leader? Adventure and romance beckon as she joins a band of cryptographers trying to stop their enemies within the United States.


“A fascinating story with mystery, murder, sabotage and romance. Readers will not want to put this down. The characters are facing down the evils of war and at the same time trying to live normal lives.” ~ Patsy Glans in Romantic Times Book Reviews, July 2010 edition. This book was rated a Top Pick in Inspirational Books by RT Book Reviews.

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