Historicals – 2013


Almost Arizona

Julia Newman goes home to Arizona, riding one of the last stagecoaches in 1912 to her mountain town. She anticipates a joydesert-moonful reunion with her brother, Oliver, who is a bookkeeper at the High Desert Mine. But her world is shattered when a lone bandit holds up the stagecoach. The sheriff, whose suit Julia once rejected, says he has reason to believe Oliver was involved in the robbery—and he’s not sure but that Julia was too. Julia’s pleas don’t persuade Adam Scott, and when Oliver doesn’t appear to welcome her home, Julia knows she has to find him before the sheriff does.

Available now.  This book is now repackaged as Desert Moon in paperback and e-book, coming March 1, 2017, with the bonus novel of Honor Bound, by Colleen Reece.

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