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WestwardCmasBrides Westward Christmas Brides Collection

Take the journey into the American west alongside nine women who are chasing their dreams—Cynthia, for security; Beryl, for a new family; Adeline, for freedom; Molly, for marriage; Beth, for a new start; Belinda, for a place to heal; Suzette, for adventure; Juliet, for peace; and Caroline, for a future for her children. Celebrate Christmas alongside these pioneers as love finds them in nine distinctly different romances penned by leading Christian fiction authors, including New York Times bestselling author Wanda E. Brunstetter. Susan’s novella, “Another Christmas Story,” takes place at a stagecoach stop in Wyoming. Other authors in the anthology include: Melanie Dobson, Cathy Liggett, Vickie McDonough, Olivia Newport, Janet Spaeth, Jennifer Rogers Spinola, and Mary Lu Tyndall.

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BeachesBrides_lg Beaches and Brides Romance Collection

Five complete historical novels in seaside settings, including Susan’s 1820 Maine novel, The Castaway’s Bride. Venture along historic American shorelines, enjoying stories full of adventure, challenge, and romance. In Key West a couple collides over a child’s welfare. In Washington, a captain’s wife guards a secret. In Maine, a castaway returns from the dead. In Georgia, a woman dares to man a lighthouse alone. In Virginia, a wounded soldier recoups at a seaside cottage. Watch as God works through their challenges to bring them safely to a harbor of love. Other authors in the collection are: Cathy Marie Hake, Lynn A. Coleman, Mary Davis, and Paige Winship Dooly.

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New-England-Romance_lg New England Romance Collection

Five complete historical novels set in Maine, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut, including Susan’s award-winning novel, The Prisoner’s Wife: Jack Hunter is about to be hanged for the murder of his neighbor. Jack knows he’s innocent, and the unscrupulous constables will seize his land when he’s dead. He asks Lucy Hamblin, the only girl he ever loved, to marry him in the jail. Her father broke them up three years ago, but now her father is dead. Will Lucy be willing to grant his last request and become the widow Hunter? Set in Maine, 1720.

The Prisoner’s Wife won the short historical category of both the Inspirational Readers’ Choice Contest and ACFW’s Book of the Year Contest for 2007. It was favorite historical of the year among Heartsong readers for 2006. Other authors in the collection are: Darlene Franklin, Pamela Griffin, Lisa Harris, and Lynette Sowell. New England is not just colorful in autumn but throughout the history of its states. Through the trials and triumphs of the early years of American history, to the turbulent 1930s, enjoy five stories laced with history, faith, and romance. Will these couples find a place to call home among the northeastern states? This collection reached #10 on the Evangelical Christian Publishers Association (ECPA) bestselling fiction list for March 2014.

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The Prairie Dreams Trilogy: Omnibus edition of all three Prairie Dreams books. Available now in paperback or e-book.

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LadyinMaking_lgLady in the Making, Book 3 of Prairie Dreams Millie Evans has changed, choosing to leave rather than join an outlaw gang with her brother. Hoping for a new future, she boards a stagecoach and finds that one of the passengers is David Stone—a man she and her brother once tried to swindle. As she tries to convince David she’s different now, her brother’s gang holds up the stagecoach. Fighting beside David goes a long way toward softening his heart, but he’s still not convinced. Someone is trying to keep him from reaching England to claim his inheritance. Is Millie involved? Millie must trust God to show David the truth, but will he see before it’s too late?

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ladyannesquest_lg Lady Anne’s Quest, Book 2 of Prairie Dreams Finding an imposter instead of her uncle means Anne’s quest must continue after The Lady’s Maid is wed, and Dan is determined to protect her from the swindlers now trailing her. But though he’s good at keeping her safe, he’s certain he’ll never be able to convince Anne to be his wife since her sights are set on finding her uncle and returning to England. As her quest becomes even more difficult—and dangerous—Anne finds her feelings for Dan changing. Will she soon be envisioning a new life in America?

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The Lady’s Maid, Book 1 of Prairie Dreams Lady Ann Stone has come to the States to track down her elusive uncle so that he can claim his new title as the Earl of Stoneford. She’s accompanied by her faithful chaperone, Elise, on hand to keep her mistress out of harm’s way — and perhaps — to reconnect with the man she loved from afar. But the dusty prairie is no place for finery and the women have to prove themselves sturdy enough for the journey. They relinquish their gowns and set about securing supplies, but will their efforts be met with anything but skepticism by their fellow travelers? Especially, Elise wonders, the rough yet fascinating scout, Eb Bentley. Confronted with the difficulties of outdoor living and plagued by a mysterious and sinister man, Anne and Elise nonetheless make their way, turning the opinions of others in their favor. But will Elise be so intent on finding her former love that she misses the signs of blossoming admiration happening right in front of her?

In Romantic Times Book Reviews, October 2011 issue, reviewer Patsy Glans says: “Davis hits a grand slam with her new historical romance series, Prairie Dreams, which has romance and mystery, with some thrills thrown in. The characters are well-rounded and the hero has grit and determination.”

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** The three individual books of the Prairie Dreams series are also available in large print!