Tearoom Mysteries

From Guideposts Books: a new cozy mystery series.


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Set in Maine, Tearoom mysteries will follow Elaine Cook and Janet Blake as they turn an old lakeside house into a tearoom and invite the town to visit.

Book 1, by Susan Page Davis, is titled Tea For Two, is now available. Other books by some of your favorite cozy authors will follow. Here’s a bit about book 1:

 Widowed cousins Elaine Cook and Jan Blake buy a Queen Anne house in the lakeside central Maine community where they grew up and turn it into a tearoom. Soon mysteries are coming their way. At a flea market, they buy an old teapot that has been clumsily painted over. Elaine’s auctioneer friend, Nathan, recommends an antiques restorer, and Elaine leaves the teapot to be restored. Meanwhile, workmen are renovating the old house to bring it up to code for the tearoom and find a sapphire ring in a niche between the old walls. While Jan and Elaine plan menus, hire a waitress, and arrange for advertising, they also try to learn who owned the ring and why it was left in the wall. A woman claiming she once lived in the house comes to call and later returns to snoop around. Is she after the ring or something else? And how far will an intruder go to get what he wants?  

Review: “This is a lovely hardcover book. Guideposts always does their books up so beautifully!  Susan Page Davis is an established author and fan favorite. She pens a sweet but also sinister story set in Maine, where she was raised! I always love it when an author really knows the setting for a book and Susan knows Maine!”–Carrie Fancett Pagels on Overcoming with God blog.

Book 9, Trouble Brewing.

Now available. Jan and Elaine discover disarray in the church. Someone has stolen the church’s historic letter from General Henry Knox. The Murphy were mowing the lawn that morning. Could they be involved? Even Pastor Ryder falls under suspicion. The cousins need to figure out who is the culprit, and fast!

Book 13, Steeped in Secrets

The spotlight of suspicion is turned on Jan and Elaine when a collection of valuable vintage brooches is stolen from Sylvia’s Closet. The evidence points their way–especially when part of the loot is discovered in their trash can. Jan places herself under scrutiny after making a promise of secrecy that drives a wedge between her and Elaine.

Order Book 1 now from Guideposts. You can also subscribe to the entire series at Guideposts. Some of these books also show up on Amazon after they’ve launched.

Watch for more books in the series. Susan’s volumes include Book 19, Beneath the Surface, where residents report seeing a lake monster, and Book 25, the series finale, where lost things are found and loose threads are knitted firmly together.

Mysteries of Silver Peak

I have four books in Guideposts’ series Secrets of Silver Peak. These books feature Sadie Speers, a retired teacher who owns an antique shop in the Colorado mountain town of Silver Peak. In each story, Sadie solves a contemporary mystery while unraveling a puzzle from the past. Subscribe to the series at Guideposts.

Empty SEmpty Saddle SP#8addle (March 2015)  Book 8 in the Mysteries of Silver Peak Series

When Sadie’s granddaughter Sara goes horseback riding by herself, Daisy returns to the stable by herself, missing a shoe–and Sara! Sadie and her daughter Alice, along with friend Edwin Marshall, sheriff Mac Slattery, and others from the community, spring into action to find the girl. While search efforts continue, Sadie uses her sleepless hours to delve into the story behind an old doctor’s bag and old medical implements that she purchased at an auction. She traces them back to an enigmatic figure in local history known as the Angel of Silver Peak.  View on Amazon.

Lights and Shadows coverLights and Shadows (2015) Book 13 in the Mysteries of Silver Peak Series

Just as news comes that a cult sci-fi motion picture is being remade in Silver Peak, fifty years after the original was filmed there, Sadie and Edwin see a UFO! While they’re skeptical that it has unearthly origins, they can’t deny what they saw. Is it just a publicity stunt related to the movie or something more mysterious? Meanwhile, Sadie’s best friend Roz Putnam is in the doldrums when she hears about the project. It stirs up terrible memories: her older brother Mike Tabor, who had a small speaking role in the original film, died during the production of it when a cliff gave way under him. She is convinced that there was foul play, but the police investigation at the time said otherwise and it was their own father who did the investigation. Can Sadie find the truth about what happened and put Roz’s doubts behind her once and for all? View on Amazon.

Piece by Piece cover

Piece by Piece (May 2016), Book 19 in the Mysteries of Silver Peak Series

Sadie finds an odd piece of colored glass at her house. She would just throw it away, but she soon learns she’s not the only one in town who received a piece of the beautiful glass. As she begins to collect them at the Antique Mine, a pattern comes into view. Where did the glass come from–and where has it been for the last 50 years?


Sleight of HandSleight of Hand    Now available!
Book 22 in the Mysteries of Silver Peak series
A magician comes to Silver Peak to perform, and Roz goes on stage as his assistant. But who is the sinister man lurking backstage? Is he the one who stole Edwin’s valuable artifact?
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Mainely Mysteries

Mother and daughter team presents the “Mainely Mystery Series”


Susan Page Davis and her daughter Megan Elaine Davis collaborated on an exciting series.
Join Emily Gray and Nate Holman as they solve crimes in the tiny lakeside town of Baxter, Maine.



Mainely Mysteries

Romance and intrigue abound at Blue Heron Lake when journalist Emily Gray returns to the lakeside town of Baxter, Maine, to prepare her family’s island cottage for sale. She soon finds herself reporting on, and trying to solve, a trio of murders in the deceptively quiet little town.

ORDER Mainely Mysteries in paperback and eBook from AMAZON.  Order the paperback from Barnes & Noble.  Order for  Nook

TreasureBHL_LPsmHomicideBHL_LPsmNow you can order the hardcover, large print editions of the three Mainely Mysteries stories from Maine’s Thorndike Press. Order here from Amazon:

Homicide at Blue Heron Lake

Treasure at Blue Heron Lake

Impostors at Blue Heron Lake

The anthology containing all THREE Blue Heron Lake books is also available in paperback!

ImpostersBHL_LPsmSee descriptions of each book near the cover images below.

**Due to some reconfiguration at the publishing house, Impostors at Blue Heron Lake did not appear as a single title in paperback, but is available in both the paperback anthology and the large print hardcover edition.

**If you would like free colorful bookmarks depicting the covers of the first two books and the anthology, email Susan with your mailing address.


These three books can be read for free on Kindle Unlimited!


Book 1—Homicide at Blue Heron Lake: Emily Gray returns to the lakeside community of Baxter, Maine, expecting a peaceful week in her family’s old island cottage. Instead, she and her high school crush, Nate Holman, discover the body of Henry Derbin, an elderly island resident. A few days later, Emily finds another body, buried more than a decade earlier, on Mr. Derbin’s land. Can Emily and Nate overcome past hindrances to their romance while digging up clues that will help solve both murders?

Order the e-book from Kindle .

TreasureatBHL_ebookBook 2—Treasure at Blue Heron Lake: Something funny is going on at Lakeview Lodge. Strange noises in the night. A burglar who flees through a window. Nate and Emily would like to help their friend Jeff Lewis find out who is poking around the old building. Does it have anything to do with the lumber baron who died in the lodge a hundred years ago, or his fortune that mysteriously disappeared? Things take a sinister turn when one of the hunting guides is found murdered in his room. Can the newly engaged couple help find the killer?

Order the e-book from Kindle .

ImpostersBHL_ebookBook 3—Impostors at Blue Heron Lake: As Emily and Nate plan their wedding, they work to decipher their most baffling case yet. When Emily goes to interview Stella Lessard in her home, she finds the sweet older woman dead. Stella’s odd will draws claimants to her estate. Nate, on the job as a sheriff’s deputy, stops a young woman for speeding and is stymied. She has the same name as another young woman who is trying to claim Stella’s estate. Who is the legal heir? What is going on at Grand Cat Island? The mystery thickens when the medical examiner announces Stella was murdered. Emily’s nose for news takes her into intrigue she never expected. Which is the impostor—Jette, the multi-pierced “Goth” girl, or Jeanette, the genteel “girl-next-door”?

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SueMegBIO: Megan Elaine Davis grew up in rural Maine where she was home-schooled with her five siblings. She holds a bachelor of arts degree in Creative Writing from Bob Jones University, and has published poetry, articles, and humorous anecdotes in various publications. Besides writing, she enjoys reading, travel, theater, cooking, and chatting with friends. Her favorite authors are Agatha Christie, Jane Austen, and C. S. Lewis. Homicide at Blue Heron Lake is her first novel.

Secrets of Blue Hill Library

I’ve written three books in the Secrets of the Blue Hill Library series from Guideposts. These books feature Anne Gibson, a young widow and mother of two young children. Anne has inherited her Aunt Edie’s old Victorian house in Blue Hill, Pennsylvania, provided that it becomes the town’s new public library. In each book, Anne discovers something new and unusual about Aunt Edie. My books in the series are #7, Gone in a Flash, #16, All That Glitters, and #23, The Not-So-Civil War. These books are ordered as a monthly book club shipment directly from Guideposts, or as individual titles. To learn more, visit the web site. They also show up on Amazon sometimes.


Gone in a FGone-in-a-Flash_lglash (January 2014)

Book #7, Secrets of the Blue Hill Library

Anne’s little girl, Liddie, finds an old camera of Aunt Edie’s, and it holds undeveloped film. When the photos are printed, Anne is surprised. One picture shows Aunt Edie in Washington, D.C. during the 1976 Bicentennial celebration. But her father is downright shocked. With Edie is a man in uniform—Dad’s cousin Carl. But Carl died several years before the Bicentennial. Anne and her father set out to find the truth behind Aunt Edie’s mysterious picture.  View on Amazon.


AllThatGlitters_lgAll That Glitters (October 2014)

Book #16, Secrets of the Blue Hill Library

When a powerful storm blows through Blue Hill, Anne’s children are rescued by a drifter named Jack Kendall. Anne doesn’t want this stranger near her children, but they immediately grow attached to him, enthralled by stories of his adventures. Jack claims to have known Aunt Edie, but Anne finds his stories too outrageous to be true. Meanwhile, Ben and Ryan want to help raise money for their classmate Caden, who has leukemia. The town rallies around the family, who need help paying the medical bills. Inspired by Jack’s tales of prospecting in Alaska, the boys begin searching the creek behind the library for gold. Soon they have a large collection of rocks flecked with shiny metal. Could they really have struck it rich?

Not So Civil

The Not-S0-Civil War

Book #23, Secrets of the Blue Hill Library

A Civil War reenactment group has turned Blue Hill’s park into a historic battlefield, but there’s a battle of a different type brewing after a precious heirloom goes missing. Elderly sisters Nellie Brown and Betty Warring share a home and the biographies they regularly check out from the library, but when an antique dueling pistol awarded to their ancestor during the Civil War disappears, the siblings turn against each other. It’s up to Anne to find out what happened to the valuable pistol and mend their relationship. Meanwhile, Anne, Ben, and Liddie befriend a family participating in the reenactment, but suspicions regarding the missing pistol might ruin their new friendship before it even begins.


Creative Woman Series, from Annie’s Books

WhatPictureWorth_lgWhat a Picture’s Worth

You’ll love this mystery series, which opened with Linda Kozar’s Strands of Fate. Elegant hardcover books with dust jackets and ribbon bookmarks.

Susan’s book, What a Picture’s Worth, is #4 in the lineup, but can be read as a standalone. Here’s the scoop:

Beading expert Shannon McClain has inherited an estate and craft market in Oregon from a grandmother she never knew. She and her twin teenagers move there from Ireland. While the kids prepare to enter college in Portland, murder strikes close to home.

One of the most successful vendors in Shannon McClain’s craft market is Fredo Benson, a talented yet reclusive painter. When she goes into his loft one evening to turn out a light, Shannon discovers sketches of her home, some of them inside the house.

Later that night, the store is broken into, but nothing appears to have been stolen. The next morning, Fredo is late for an art class he was to teach, and Shannon and her son Alec go to his apartment, where they find Fredo dead. Was Fredo behind the store break-in? And was he stalking Shannon? Who killed the mysterious artist?

This series is available from Annie’s Books and Amazon.

Other books in the series from Christian mystery authors you love:

Strands of Fate, by Linda Kozar
A Deadly Stitch, by Susan Sleeman
Recipe for Deception, by Rachael Phillips
What a Picture’s Worth, by Susan Page Davis


BreakingNews_ecover_lgBreaking News

When news editor Kurt Borden sends his star reporter out to do a story on a senator who disappeared more than 40 years ago, the reporter goes missing too. Kurt’s wife, Janet finds an elderly neighbor ill in his home. The old man begs her to give a cryptic message to his grown children. Could the two mysterious events in small-town Maine be connected? To help unravel the mystery, Kurt and Janet must rely on their faith and use all their wits and diplomatic skills.

This original mystery, set in Susan’s home town of Belgrade, Maine, is now available as an eBook on the Kindle .


Secrets of Mary’s Bookshop

I’ve wrottem two books in the Secrets of Mary’s Bookshop series from Guideposts. These books feature 60-year-old Mary Fisher, who lives with her sister Betty on Cape Cod. She owns a mystery bookshop and solves real-life mysteries in every volume. My books are #14, A Thousand Words, and #22, Shady Characters. These books are ordered as a monthly book club shipment directly from Guideposts. To learn more, visit the web site.

ShadyCharacters_lgShady Characters (April 2014)

Book #22, Secrets of Mary’s Bookshop

Henry Woodrow’s “new” car—a 1955 Buick Century—puts him in danger. An intruder attacks him in his garage, and Mary hears the scuffle. With Henry in a coma, it’s up to Mary to find out who hurt Henry, and why. Henry’s twin daughters are at his side in the hospital, so Mary puts her analytical mind to work to help him in the only way she knows how. But the man Henry bought the car from has vanished, and someone is following her around Ivy Bay.

AThousandWords_lgA Thousand Words (September 2013)

Book #14, Secrets of Mary’s Bookshop

When Mary and Betty inherit their great-uncle’s home, they find some charming paintings hidden in the attic. The New England scenes are bright, colorful, and full of life. Mary is thrilled to discover that the paintings were done by their great-aunt Maude, who died young. But a desperate note taped to the back of one of the paintings suggests there is more to Aunt Maude’s story than Mary and Betty know. What happened to her? Did she really die?

Investigating events from more than fifty years ago stretches Mary’s sleuthing skills to the limit. Then she discovers that the key to Aunt Maude’s past is in the paintings she left behind. As Mary puts the pieces together, she learns a picture is worth a thousand words.

Miracles of Marble Cove

I’ve written three books in the Miracles of Marble Cove series from Guideposts. This series about four strong women in a Maine coastal community has a hint of mystery. My books are #12 Setting Course, #15 Hope and Dreams, and #21 Friends and Family. These books are ordered as a monthly book club shipment directly from Guideposts. To learn more, visit the website.

FriendsAndFamily_lgFriends and Family (April 2013)

Book 21, Miracles of Marble Cove

It’s winter in Marble Cove, and the four friends face new challenges. Rusty wants Shelley to take over his business at The Cove, but Dan and Shelley aren’t sure their family can handle the strain. Diane continues her treatments, and Margaret longs to prepare a special treat for Allan on Valentine’s Day. Beverly has different worries: Jeff shows up with an unexpected gift for her on Valentine’s Day, and she finds it hard to be happy about it. Hint: Beverly is not a “dog” person. Join the fun and fellowship in coastal Maine.

HopesAndDreams_lgHopes and Dreams (October 2012)

Book 15, Miracles of Marble Cove

Margaret Hoskins has odd dreams about swimming and storms at sea. She begins to paint them and feels drawn to help her cousin Buddy. She and her friends learn the identity of the mystery woman who has been seen with Rev. Locke. They decide to ask the minister to join them in searching for colonial preacher Jeremiah Thorpe’s lost treasure. If they find it, they plan to use the treasure to help restore Old First Church. Diane, Beverly, Margaret, and Shelley continue their adventures.

SettingCourse_lgSetting Course (May 2012)

Book 12, Miracles of Marble Cove

Diane Spencer unwittingly removed some colonial-era letters from Old First Church. She and her friends have studied them, and now Diane has to return them and explain to the minister why she had them for three months. She and Beverly, Margaret, and Shelley have formed a close bond. All live on the same street in a small Maine coastal town, and all have survived near-death experiences. Diane’s beaten her cancer and is now a mystery author. Can she solve a real mystery concerning the church’s founder as well?

Other books in this series are written by various authors, starting with the first, The View from the Lighthouse, by Melody Carlson. Other authors include: Anne Marie Rodgers, Leslie Gould, Dan Walsh, Pam Hanson, Barbara Andrews, Patti Berg, and Camy Tang.

PATCHWORK MYSTERIES — Susan’s books in the series

Other books in this series are written by various authors, including Kristin Eckhardt, Cara Putman, and Camy Tang.  27 books are contained in this series.

ThreadsofLove_lgThreads of Love

Book 26, Patchwork Mysteries Series from Guideposts

Sarah is preparing for her wedding to Liam Connolly, but a new mystery keeps distracting her from the nuptial plans. Beatrice Lattimer receives a mysterious gift—a quilt sent through a lawyer’s office, with no indication of the donor’s identity. She asks Sarah to help her discover who sent her the beautiful but cryptic quilt, and why. Meanwhile, Sarah’s friend Martha is up to her ears in preparations for the Fall Fair, but takes time to go wedding gown shopping with Sarah, and twins Audrey and Amy are starting high school. Sarah has so much to think about, it’s a wonder she can keep track of everything. But the quilt mystery takes top priority as she tries to figure out what the odd pictures in some of the blocks mean.

SecretsInTheStorm_lgSecrets in the Storm

Book 19, Patchwork Mysteries Series from Guideposts

In a February blizzard, the beautiful stained glass window over the library stairs is shattered. Sarah finds evidence pointing to vandalism—and a mysterious intruder in the library. This fun February mystery includes a disappointing Valentine’s Day for the residents of Maple Hill—dates are canceled all over town when another storm moves in. But they’re made of tough stuff and look forward to the fundraiser at the end of the month to raise money to restore the window—and of course, there’s that old Irish holiday, Bachelor’s Day.

nothingtohide_smNothing to Hide

Book 16, Patchwork Mysteries Series from Guideposts

Sarah Hart catches a glimpse of Ruby Sears, and old acquaintance, during Caitlin Connolly’s wedding ceremony. But afterward, she can’t find Ruby at the reception, and Ernie Maplethorpe denies having seen her. Something’s fishy, and Sarah is determined to get to the bottom of this. Her late husband Gerry did some work for Ruby years ago, and Sarah wants to see her. But the whole town seems to be in a conspiracy to keep her hidden.


test.inddPieces of the Past

Book 6, Patchwork Mysteries Series from Guideposts

Sarah Hart is an expert quilter and antique quilt restorer. This 62-year-old widow, living in western Massachusetts, seems to attract mysteries. Sarah makes a quilt for her father, who resides in a nursing home. She meets another resident there and decides to make a quilt for Vern Pickett too. When Sarah shows interest in the 1940s photograph of Vern’s old sweetheart, he asks for her help in locating Alice Ward. After seventy years, will this story end in tragedy, or can Sarah reunite two people with regrets?


MailboxMayhem_lgMailbox Mayhem  This book contains two humorous stories about two young Maine police detectives, Paul Fournier and All-Eyes Martin. Come to central Maine, where the neighbors are quirky and the crimes are solved quickly.

In the first story, “Mailbox Mayhem,” Paul and All-Eyes are hauled off their first murder investigation to look for a mailbox thief and an elderly woman. This story was originally published in Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine.

In the second tale, “The Disappearance of Chumble,” Mr. Reynolds’s dog is missing, and All-Eyes is sweet on Paul’s sister. Join the detectives for this wacky adventure, as the crook demands $2,600 ransom and the neighbors on Hoffstead Street try to help. Watch Paul and All-Eyes crack the dognapping case—and so much more.

To purchase this eBook from Amazon, click here. The book can also be read on your computer with the free “Kindle for PC” application.