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The Saboteur
Set in present day Maine

Debra’s anxiety attacks keep her from pursuing a law career, and she takes a job as secretary to the local police department’s detective unit. It’s bad enough that her handsome new boss, Michael Van Sant, makes her nervous, but when he confides in Debra that someone is trying to sabotage their department, she wonders if she can stay calm and do her job. Their list of suspects narrows to five people who hope for promotion to Deputy Chief of Police, and Debra realizes someone Mike has to depend on is out to take him down. Enjoy clean, suspenseful romance with faith interwoven.

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Frasier Island Series

Frasier Island (book 1): Ensign Rachel Whitney is posted at a remote missile installation on a North Pacific island, where she is to work in isolation with two men. She could love her new assignment, if Lt. George Hudson weren’t so antagonistic and obstinate. She sets out to prove she is perfect for the top secret job, in spite of the tension between them.

The island is attacked, and another crew member lets slip that George has neglected to tell Rachel about one important aspect of their job. The nuclear warheads she thought they were guaFrasierIslandrding have been disarmed, and they are really protecting a valuable and rare element discovered in the water at the base of the island.

When word leaks out about the precious material they are guarding, Rachel and George have few resources besides each other and their faith in God to help them survive and foil an enemy attack that could endanger all of America.Fraiser Island cover 2015

This book was chosen as a selection for Books-A-Million’s Faithpoint Book Club. It was nominated for the Romantic Times Reviewer’s Choice Award.

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FindingMarieFinding Marie (book 2): Marie Belanger witnesses a murder in an airport and runs for her life. The killers want her next, though she doesn’t know why. Her husband, Lt. Pierre Belanger, calls on his old friend, George Hudson, to help him find Marie before it’s too late. Could this have something to do with Pierre’s classified operations in China? Even with the help of the FBI and the NCIS, Pierre and George always seem to be one step behind the killers, who are one short step behind Marie.

Sally Distefano says on

“As soon as I began reading, I knew I was in for a treat. This exciting suspense novel kept me turning pages long after my tired eyes screamed for me to stop. I completed the 400-page novel in two days! I resented the need for sleep! The dialogue is done so well. The French chef’s syntax is “spot on.”FindingMarie_Kindle

This is the second in the series. It can be read it without reading the first one, FrasierIsland and is a stand-alone novel. However, the beauty of reading a series in order is that the characters are already known. I loved Pierre before I opened the book, and I had heard about Marie, who is his perfect match. I can’t wait for the third Inside Story.”

This book was a selection in the Crossings Book Club.

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Inside Story (book 3): Claudia Gillette is a prize-winning journalist at a high-profile magazine.

She prides herself in her cool independence—traveling the globe, beating the deadline. Landing the interview with Heidi Taber, the only female in an elite U.S. Navy special operations unit, is yet another rung on her ladder of career successes.

Lieutenant Bill White is not happy about the journalist standing in front of him in the midst of the Philippine jungle. He has no time for public relations campaigns—certainly not during a covert mission to rescue a well-known aerophysicist from terrorists.

As shells explode and tracer fire streaks the air, Claudia finds herself caught up in a danger she never expected…or wanted. With lives at stake, she fears her presence in the unit is their greatest detriment to survival. Will she find the strength to live through the nightmare…or has her ambition cost her her life?


“Davis has a gift for action. Stunning foreign locales combined with military intrigue make for a thrilling adventure. Davis communicates her faith message brilliantly, without being heavy-handed, and the enchanting romance fascinates.” –reviewer Melissa Parcel in Romantic Times Book Reviews, January 2009 edition

“Totally satisfying page-turner. I want more!” –reviewer Elisabeth H. Bantz

InsideStory_lg2“Susan Page Davis is a master at creating several kinds of stories. I have particularly loved the stories in this series. Each one was better than the one before, and this is her crowning achievement. With characters who were bigger than life and that I really cared about, I experienced the setting, the tension—of various kinds—and rejoiced in the satisfying resolution. Kudos, Susan. Bring on another book. I highly recommend this wonderful read.” —Author/Reviewer Lena Nelson Dooley.

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Love Inspired Suspense Books

HeartsinCrosshairs_lgHearts in the Crosshairs:

Jillian Goff is Maine’s first female governor. She’s only been in office fifteen minutes when an attempt is made on her life. Is her stalker a political enemy, or someone from her past? The Executive Protection Unit sets out to keep Jillian safe to carry out her duties. Detective Dave Hutchins investigates, but the assassin eludes him. He and Jillian draw close as they determine to outplay the killer—but romance is forbidden between the governor and her protectors. When Dave’s boss hears a rumor, he removes Dave from the case and forbids him to see the governor. But Jillian knows she needs him. He’s called back into service when she opts for a wilderness vacation. Dave faces the hardest challenge of his life—keeping Jillian alive.

“This story starts with a bang and continues with a great portrayal of the difficulties and dangers of love in high places.”—Romantic Times Book Reviews

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onkillerstrail_lgOn a Killer’s Trail:

A sweet, elderly lady is killed on Christmas Day, and nothing else—not a single wrapped gift under the tree—is disturbed. Detective Neil Alexander can’t figure out the motive. Rookie reporter Kate Richards wants the story, but Neil has little to share. Until there’s another murder. Same M.O. Same ballistics. There HAS to be a connection. And Kate is determined to find it. Neil is impressed with her dedication, but he worries where it will lead. They’re on a killer’s trail. And keeping Kate safe means keeping his heart off limits.


“ON A KILLER’S TRAIL is Ms. Davis’s most recent suspense, and it is a winner. I enjoyed getting to know Kate, and Neil. As usual, Ms. Davis’ characters are all very well developed and could be real. The faith message is excellently done as well. Set in Maine, readers will enjoy this snowy Christmas murder mystery. I had trouble figuring out who the killer was, and I usually figure these things out easily. I highly recommend reading ON A KILLER’S TRAIL.” —Laura Hilton,


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“I saw my neighbor murder his wife!” But the police don’t believe Petra Wilson. They think she was mistaken. There’s no body, no evidence, no murder. Petra knows what she saw. And now her dangerous neighbor knows it too. She needs protection, needs someone to believe her. She turns to private investigator Joe Tarleton, expecting him to uncover the truth. Still, he can’t guard Petra 24 hours a day. Which leaves them both wide open to a killer intent on silencing the only living witness.


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JustCause_lgJust Cause: No one believed Laurel Hatcher. On trial for the murder of her husband, she prayed for a miracle. And she got one, sort of: a deadlocked jury. A mistrial meant going through the ordeal all over again, but at least she’d have more time to prove her innocence. And now handsome police officer Dan Ryan is on her side, determined to find evidence that will clear her name. But Laurel doesn’t even know what to look for—or who would want her husband dead. Until Dan takes her back to the scene of the crime…where a killer is waiting.


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